Basic Cakes:  Simple Icing or Fondant with Border & Message

Buttercream            $ 3.00    per serving   

Fondant                   $ 4.00    per serving   

Complex and/or Detailed Designs:  Decorated to include Flowers, Bows, or Tiers

Buttercream           $ 4.00  per serving 

Fondant                  $ 5.00  per serving

Very Detailed:  Carved, 3 Dimensional, and Custom Designs

 Buttercream and Fondant start at $ 6.00 per serving.  These cakes are very unique and can be quite complex to create.  The price increases depending on the design, materials and time required. 

Large Tiered and Wedding Cakes

These cakes will have additional charges for delivery & set up.   

Please contact me for prices, quotes and payment requirements.


These are extra pieces of handmade flowers, characters or items to decorate the top of your cake.

They are made from either Royal Icing, Fondant and/or Gum Paste

They start at $ 10.00 and go up from there depending on the complexity, time, and materials required.


                                              1/2 Dozen                  1 Dozen

Buttercream                         $ 18.00                      $ 30.00

Fondant                                $ 26.00                      $ 48.00

Fillings Extra:   $ 0.25 - $ 1.00  per serving depending on filling

Toppers Extra:   $ 0.20 - $ 5.00  each

Grain-Free options are available.

  Made using Agave Nectar, or another Sugar Replacement, Almond and/or Coconut Flour.

They are suitable for Diabetics.

**  Inquire for Prices and Flavors **



All prices are approximate.

 Final price depends on your choice of Cake, Filling, Frosting and Design.

***  Please inquire for exact prices.  ***